Some thoughts around current and future forums!

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in meta (edited )

Hi all!

I want to make a call to all of you, especially those of you who don't moderate (m)any forums, to join me as co-moderator for the forums I moderate if you fit the position! Especially where I'm the only mod. Check out u/Tequila_Wolf to see the list of forums I moderate.

Beyond that, I want to propose some forums I'd like to see, in case anybody thinks they're good to start it! The names are tentative, just to give an idea.

  • f/labour or f/worker
    There are a lot of articles that come through raddle about how workers are getting screwed by x, y or z. They could go here, along with interesting stuff about unionisation. Could have related subforums like f/IWW and f/anarcho_syndicalism, if that ever becomes a thing, along with equivalent marxist and state socialist forums.

  • f/anticapital
    Raddle doesn't actually have a catch-all anticapitalist forum, which I find weird, because it's definitely one of the pillars of this site. Often I find myself posting general anticapitalist stuff to f/lobby because it seems appropriate to a wider group than any one forum. It's probably one of those which would need a range of different moderators, like f/communism, except an even wider range!

  • f/Kill_Your_Idols (could perhaps use a more obvious-meaning title)
    Kevin Spacey being a paedophile? Dave Chappelle being a transphobe? Gal Gadot a Zionist rape apologist? Why does society look up to celebrities? This would be a forum for posting the disgusting shit that celebrities do, not out of ressentiment, but as a reminder of the role models capitalism proposes for us.

  • f/Book_Fairs
    Book fairs are great! Setting up a nice forum around them would be lovely. Covering both how-to's, fun tips and tricks, and also promoting actual bookfairs.

  • f/Free_Skool
    I'm not so aware of how many anarchist free skools/universities exist at the moment, but it would be cool to have a place that covers what they are, how they're made, and where they are currently and what those ones do!

  • f/Fascism
    For info/analysis around fascism that is more general than f/Antifa and f/FascismRising

  • f/Care_Tactics
    There are occasionally posts about how people who, rather that just bashing them, sat down and took the time to talk with fascists and white supremacists were quite successful in their approach. I have no idea how worthwhile this approach is, but for those of us who are interested in a diversity of tactics and would like to explore every avenue, having a dedicated space for this seems worthwhile.

Thoughts? If you have any other thoughts of your own you'd like to add that aren't a direct response to what's been said here, they're welcome too.

EDIT: Added f/Fascism and f/Care_Tactics



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ziq wrote (edited )

Great ideas. I especially think f/anticapital is needed - I put stuff in f/capitalismindecay that don't really belong there, and I'm sure the same happens with f/IWW vs f/labour.

BurnYourIdols has a better ring to it :D


v100v wrote

Is it possible to make a communist minecraft/ gaming fourm?


v100v wrote

Replying to Tequila_Wolf (#24,300)

thanks for pointing me in the right direction, me and a few people made a communist minecraft server, and we are trying to see if any fellow communists would want to play minecraft with us on our server. Hopefully I can find a few people.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote (edited )

Replying to v100v (#24,303)

Cool. You might have some luck also posting to f/Communism or checking out the raddle chat rooms ( w/chat ).

And f/Games, in case you hadn't checked for that either. Probably the easiest way to see if a certain forum exists is to click forums and then the 'category view' tab on that page, then check the full list of existing forums.


not_AFX_lol wrote

I'm looking for people to help mod f/science and f/homeless as I am currently the sole mods of those subs and I do not give them the attention they deserve.

If you're interested, feel free to submit a mod application here in f/meta!


kore wrote (edited )

I'd be interested in helping out with f/Care_Tactics.

Perhaps a forum like f/Community_Building or something might get more traffic since it's more general, and posts like the one you mentioned would fit there too.

But yeah, we need some sort of forum where we can discuss positive and constructive strategies