[Feature Request] Superscript in Markdown

Submitted by sudo in meta

On Reddit, you could use the ^ (caret) character in a word, and it would make every character until the next space appear in superscript. For example, x^2 would appear as x². I think it would be nice to have that here.


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lambda wrote

When going the route of mathematical formatting, it'd be nicer to just support some form of LaTeX. For example, MathJax looks useful here. With that syntax, you could group a longer superscript by doing something like foo^{one two three}.


sudo wrote

I like that. Maybe we could have a combination of those features, so that ^this will only make one word superscript, and ^{this makes every word in the braces superscript}.


jorgesumle wrote

Won't it confuse people when they type ^2 and get a ²? Do people type superscripts so often that this feature could actually be of use?

To get that symbol, press '^' key once, then press a number. That works in my OS (GNU/Linux), and I bet that it can be configured very easily in your operating system.


sudo wrote

It could be useful for more than just mathematical notation. Some people on reddit use superscript to convey whispering, by making subsequent groups of words be higher levels of superscript. Besides, I don't really think there will be that many times when this proposed feature would confuse somebody. It seems more likely that someone with no knowledge of markdown would eventually type a paragraph with two asterisks in it, and be confused when the text in between them comes out italicized, but I don't think that has happened yet. If someone does get confused, they would either figure it out on their own, or ask what's up with the formatting, and have someone else explain it to them.


emma wrote (edited )



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sudo wrote

Yeah, but markdown is supposed to make it simpler to write things than inserting HTML tags. I personally think this suggestion solves the issues with reddit's multi-word superscript problem.