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leftous wrote

Cool, I like their contributions


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

Wait, they wern't on the admin team already? Well it's about time! Congrats!


jaidedctrl wrote

Heck yea, Tequila_Wolf's a great choice! They're rad as hell.


somedeepshit wrote

You kidding me? Tequila_Wolf and ziq are promoting all the Democratic (as in the American political party) agenta. They probably get paid by the same boss. I won't be surprised if they work at the same office !

Which speaks volumes of the purpose of raddle.

And also shows how desperate the capitalist Goebbelists are. They'll hire any amateur that knocks on their door !

On the other hand, if you keep on felling for their constant lies, again and again... well... sorry... but, you deserve them...