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ziq wrote (edited )

When the site was being spammed by 8chan, I made a proposal asking if I could give site-wide spam-busting capabilities to a few people to deal with the brigade.

We chose Shining because she's in a much different time zone than me and emma while still not being in the US. And also because she contributed so much to the site with her theme work.

So she's not technically an admin. Spambuster was meant to be a rotating position - but the spam stopped so there was no need to add others.

We can always revisit it if people feel it's warranted.

Tequila is a permanent addition to the admin team and so is on the f/meta mod list and will be listed in the admin list in the ToS.


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Defasher wrote

So what exactly will Tequila do? Isn't she an American?


ziq wrote (edited )

They're not an American. Like the ToS says - we won't ever add an American to the admin team because they can be served secret court orders to snitch.

Admins uphold the terms of service, approve new users*, delete spam / ban spammers site-wide, make announcements, moderate f/meta and perform whatever functions people vote for here.

So e.g. if someone proposes an addition to the ToS be made - like the no porn rule we added - an admin tallies the votes and adds it to the wiki if it passes.

*New users need to be manually set as trusted so that they can post more than 3 times an hour. An admin needs to click a button to approve them. After the button is clicked, their IP address is purged and never stored again. If they're a spammer, the admin IP bans them instead of approving them as trusted.

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