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ziq OP wrote (edited )

They're not an American. Like the ToS says - we won't ever add an American to the admin team because they can be served secret court orders to snitch.

Admins uphold the terms of service, approve new users*, delete spam / ban spammers site-wide, make announcements, moderate f/meta and perform whatever functions people vote for here.

So e.g. if someone proposes an addition to the ToS be made - like the no porn rule we added - an admin tallies the votes and adds it to the wiki if it passes.

*New users need to be manually set as trusted so that they can post more than 3 times an hour. An admin needs to click a button to approve them. After the button is clicked, their IP address is purged and never stored again. If they're a spammer, the admin IP bans them instead of approving them as trusted.

EDIT: pronoun


elyersio wrote

As an American, that's kinda sad that you have to do that. Which country should I move to?