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jorgesumle wrote

I just stepped down from f/Anarquismo and I'm not moderating any forum right now. I can be a mod for f/nihilism if you don't oppose or if it's necessary. But the forum is still very young and polpotisevil has only been moderator for 19 days, so rotation is not necessary at this point in my opinion.


ziq wrote

If there are no objections from the community, I'll add you within 24 hours.


surreal wrote

why would someone want to be a mod in so many forums, is it the 'power' of the moderator that is so appealing?


juliebean wrote

that's funny, considering if you scroll down just a little bit on the front page of this forum, you'll see another post where /u/PainlessEphemera requested to stop being a mod of a forum. doesn't really strike me as something someone would do if they just wanted the 'power'.


surreal wrote

it wasn't a joke though and i had no idea. i really cant understand why would someone want to mod a forum with other active mods let alone more than one. And it wasnt a negative vote just a question.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


PainlessEphemera wrote

Well if you don’t want me to be mod, then fine. I won’t argue with you on that point. You have every right to oppose me.