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DeathToAmerica wrote

That's not why people voted to demod you. Stop it.


zombie_berkman wrote

thats why the original thread was made. a month after i made the statement their ideology wasnt welcome they made a huge deal of it.


ArbitraryHuman wrote

It wasn't even that big of a deal until you blew it out of the water by banning him for it, a fact that you have come up with two explanations for and alternate between at any given moment. You've also acted extremely immature, which hasn't exactly been helping your case (since when anyone disagrees with you your response is either "this is brigading just like PK" or "so if I stirred shit up on a Maoist /f/ i wouldn't be banned," neither of which make any cohesive sense when related to the argument in question). At this point, you're being ridiculously petty, and an all-around defensive asshole to just about everyone here. I suggest you turn your computer off for a day or so, and listen to some classical music or something, because your temper is the only thing setting everyone else off.