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SpiritOfTito wrote

It's called object oriented appraisal. You don't have to see something in black/white or good/bad.

That's simplistic.

You can say "there's some good things and some bad".

There were many things good about really existing socialist systems. The books were excellent. 3 out of 5 books were produced in the Soviet Union when it existed. They were the first country into space. First satellite into space. There were also many problems.

That's hardly me saying it was glorious. But then american leftist, after decades of anti communist propaganda poured over their heads, can't say anything positive about any existing socialist countries without dismissing them as stalinist monstrosities despite the siege their capitalist nation put on those countries to push them toward authoritarianism.

By the way authoritarianism wasn't something any of those people wanted. Not in 1917 Russia and not 1980 Nicaragua.

Where they came in democratically they were just murdered and deposed with a puppet put in that was friendly to US interests.


Copenhagen_Bram wrote

Are you saying the US is the reason why the Soviet Union doesn't still exist as a beautiful anarchocommunist utopia?


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

If you're response to my above comment is that I can only assume you cant read for comprehension.

Practise reading for a comprehension. Its an important skill.