holding a vote with members that dont participate in a community isnt democracy, its brigading

Submitted by zombie_berkman in meta

Why should people that have never participated in a community in the slightest have any say how that community is run. all that does is let the largest communities dictate how the whole site is run.

additionally, they are pulling a page straight from the p_k play book, stir up old shit, brigade, and then ask for mod. We can already see that they stirred up shit and started a brigade, and we can already see that they have asked for mod in other f's.

i will voluntarily step down as a mod from f/armedleft if we lock the modteam and prevent sudo from becoming a mod of any f they do not create.


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tapeworm wrote

lock the mod team? You mean not let anyone else be a mod there? But then who would replace you?


ziq wrote

I'll make another thread to see what people think about making proposals in the thread in question only.