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I had written a long ass reply to someone and when I tried to submit it, I got an error and lost the whole thing. Was so frustrating.

It was in this thread:

I thought it was a fluke so I spent a half hour re-writing my reply from memory, and got the error again. But this time I saved it first:

To become a socialist means to question years of anti-communist propaganda.

That's not enough. You need to question all propaganda, including that coming from authoritarian states masquarading as communist in order to placate the people that demanded revolution.

being a fuck up doesn't make you 'not a communist.' Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky all wrote too much theory and very much wanted a communist society. They believed the way to achieve this society is to have a transitional government with a vanguard

Stalin wasn't a communist. He was an opportunist that would have used whatever ideology was popular to seize power. I don't know how anyone can defend a dictator that sent queers, anarchists, etc to gulags or firing squads. That isn't communism.

Lenin, you could argue was acting in good faith, even if his methods were eventually proven to be ineffective. But after 100 years and countless failed vanguard-states, his modern-day followers don't have the same luxury of ignorance.

But I personally wouldn't defend Lenin since he was quick to alienate and then kill the people that actually fought the Feb revolution and otherwise dispose of every leftist that opposed his authoritarian stronghold.



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Defasher wrote


The mod is /u/ShiningWing and the resson given is 'liberalism'.


Fucking tankies ruin everything. I'm gonna call them all 'libtanks' from now on because they're just asking for it.


Defasher wrote

Looks like they're censoring /u/polpotisevil too. What did they say in that thread?


__deleted_____ OP wrote

Idk, I didn't see it before it got removed.

I made an archive of the thread in its current (censored) state in case they censor more:


Defasher wrote

This is such bullshit. Raddle is meant to be above this oppressive shit.


zod wrote

No site can be held responsible for the actions of invididuals. But unlike other sites, raddle gives the people the power to hold mods accountable for their actions if they're deemed irresponsible. It's really up to us to speak up and get bad decisions reversed.


__deleted_____ OP wrote

I got unbanned, so I guess the system works.


ziq wrote (edited )

Everyone makes mistakes. It's how they act to correct them after protest that counts.


moon_princess wrote

Can't wait to see how many times tankie mods make the same "mistake" before you realize that the real mistake was letting tankies into this site.


ziq wrote (edited )

It was 3 mistakes followed by 6 months of rage.


ziq admin wrote (edited )

I'm removing some comments from this thread because f/meta isn't a place for ideological debates. You can see what was removed here:


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

Stalin absolutely was a communist. The problem was he was committed to it by any means necessary and understood the globe (having lived through two world wars) as geopolitical rivalries.

He wasn't a good one though and I'm not a fan of his authortarianism.

Why did the vanguard states fail? Within weeks of Castro coming to power the cia imported African swineflu into Cuba that had never been seen before on the continent and Cuba had to slaughter 500,000 pigs. Thats aside from their bombing of food production facilities and endless assassination attempts.(1. Killing hope, william blum).

Hell look at Chile where a marxist got into power via the ballot (so no vanguard there!after years of sabotage and millions of dollars in propaganda and what happened to fhe democratically elected Allende? Killed by airstrikes in the presidential palace then Pinochet shaking hands with the CIA and assuming power who then takes death squads through the country side after purging all the democratically elected communists and socialists.

Or Greece who were told "fuck your constitution and fuck your democracy" by the US ambassador when it looked like they may elect a leader that wanted leftist policies and possible turn to the east. He was shortly overthrown and again death squads and torture for those that supported the government deposed by the US. Alongside an absolute purge of communists (elected btw) from the government.

Or italy 1948.

You're praxis is shit, your history ahistorical and revisionist so I guess I'm glad you're banned. But i don't think you should be for holodomor questioning or anti stalinism