[POLICY] Onboarding for New Members

Submitted by rosalique in meta

What does everyone think about planning daily question and discussion threads for general interest forums (e.g. movies, music, games, etc.) and foster participation for these forums, and using these forums as an entry point to ease in new members? I think there's a quite people that could convert with a softer introduction to Raddle. And I think by mixing accessible conversation with left-leaning articles about these topics, we can speak to people in a language they can understand and build from there.

Also, should we create a splash screen for new users to orient them to the community?


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891284 wrote

I'm fine with low-entry-bar daily discussion. It might be a good way to foster more general discussion and sense of community as the site grows.


ziq wrote

Sounds great. Take the lead?


rosalique wrote

I'm writing out some questions right now. :)

I can come up with stuff easily for Movies and TV, Music, and Games. Maybe some Tech questions? Books I can try but I don't read a lot of popular fiction so someone might need to pick up slack. I'm pretty basic with Anime and Comic knowledge as well so I'll need some help there too. I'll write what I can for those.

I'll give the lists to the forum mods when I'm done so they can keep it alive in case I'm not around.


amongstclouds wrote

Very good idea. I will definitely jump in to encourage conversation!


Moonshine wrote

Regular discussions keep things fresh. A tutorial for users setting up subscriptions or something would be nice.