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happysmash27 wrote

Why the age restrictions? Aren't they a bit high? I personally joined Reddit around the age of 14, so it would make sense that some Raddle users may want to join around a similer age. Also:

Mature content must be clearly marked by the submitter using the [NSFW] tag in the title of the submission. Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted to view this content. Mature content includes anything of a graphically violent or sexual nature.

Isn't including content of sexual nature in here now redundent, since it is now banned? Also, on a side note, what is wrong with those under 18 viewing things of sexual nature anyway?? I never understood…


ziq wrote

'Sexual nature' isn't the same as 'pornographic'.

The age restriction was decided by the community when we put the ToS together. It protects us from possible accusations that we're 'radicalizing' minors or encouraging them to be violent. We don't need that.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

Why the age restrictions?

Probably because people here promote the violent dismantling of the state?