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ziq OP admin wrote

Since thumbnails are auto-fetched when you post an image and appear on the main page - users should take precautions when posting nudity. I don't want someone to get fired for simply loading the site.

So don't paste the link to the image in the URL field of the post. Instead, leave the URL field blank and link to the image in the Body field so no thumbnail is fetched. Also, always include [NSFW] in the Title field.


sudo wrote

Could we have an option to tag a post as NSFW, like reddit does? That way, it would just show a thumbnail stating it's NSFW, and we wouldn't have to put it in the title. (Not that we can't do the method you've described here; it just seems like a separate concept such as this should have a feature to go with it.)


_ziq_ wrote

There's a wishlist in the wiki for making requests.


NEOalquimista wrote

True. Remember when the site was spammed with porn? Lucky me that I checked Raddle at home before going to work and opening the site there.