Submitted by ArchimedesLightning in meta (edited )

Hi there! I came from Reddit and would like to join in the fun here ;-)

Reading over the ToS, I had some questions about these two items that are not allowed:

Advocates for arson, bombing and/or killing people. Is instructions on how to design and/or produce explosives.

While I do not advocate for violence, I would like to discuss designs (no explosives) that could be used by other parties in an illegal way. Would this be going over the line?



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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote (edited )

It's always "weird" to me that it's always people brand new to a community that come in asking the super sketchy shit.

Like over in r/@ - it's never established community members asking "hey where can I find anarchists in Okeechobee?" It's always brand new folks that have never once interacted in the sub nor posted anything remotely radical in the past......

Like - "Hello, fellow anarchists - I just registered an account today! Who wants to discuss how to make SUPER illegal shit with me?"


ArchimedesLightning OP wrote

Well not very welcoming I must say. As for "radical", if you are under 50 I was doing "radical" shit before you were born.


TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

I'm more concerned about some fed trying to throw me in a cage by starting their first interactions with me and those around me with shit like "hey, y'all wanna design murder drones to use against police?" than I am about being "welcoming"


ArchimedesLightning OP wrote

I apologize for that one. A better design would be a balloon filled with ketchup. No one gets hurt, and it still sends a message. But then all it will accomplish is probably more money being spent on police.


SnowCode wrote

Ok, there's quite a gap between "making explosives" and "a balloon filled with ketchup" xD. Well if that's really your idea, there is no rule that forbids you to make ketchup ballons I think xD

As for whitelisting, whitelisting is done after interracting with the cmunity and participating on other threads. It's not done by requests.


tuesday wrote

if it can get someone arrested don't talk about it online.


rattledlove1139 wrote

I don't know how long it takes to get whitelist (i am not yet, and don't want to ask right now in case still too new) but need to be around and interact for some time before it happens. You can still talk anywhere without whitelist

And really this still is public space anyone can join, it is OK (even good) if people do not trust when someone new want to talk about designs and things. You could be very nice person who means well here but right now that is not proved, and a lot is hard to prove online any how because it's easy to lie. It is not personal just safety caution. :)


ArchimedesLightning OP wrote

i understand and thanks for the heads up. For the design it is a stupid idea as it could be used to target a hospital vs the police station. I was triggered by a recent murder. Funny thing is, society doesn't consider it a murder.


Tequila_Wolf admin wrote

Hey, please request again in a few days after you have posted more, by replying to this comment.