A FAQ and Introduction to raddit.me

Submitted by ziq in meta (edited )


Hate-speech on reddit.com was at an all time high, with endless subs dedicated to promoting hate and 'joking' about 'helicoptering' (murdering) anyone who isn't a heterosexual white male. These 'alt right' trolls especially took pleasure in doxing leftists.

The rightwing admins of reddit are so morally bankrupt that they saw fit to send a gold-plated award to an infamous pedophile and neo-nazi after he created pedo-hive r/jailbait. Then reddit.com's warrant canary was killed, exposing our personal data to the American government. In the months leading up to the US election, The_Donald completely took over the site and likely propelled Donald Trump into the white house.

We put up with this hostile atmosphere for a long time, but then the last straw came when reddit.com admins began shutting down leftist subs and banning leftist users and mods for no clear reason. The admins then started banning entire leftist domains from being linked to their site.

A few of us who were sick of this mistreatment decided to leave redditcorp behind and create a safe space where we wouldn't always be looking over our shoulders because of that company's fascist-enabling policies.

So when several leftist subs got mass-reported by fascists and then banned by the admins, the original raddit.me was thrown together by ziq using various Wordpress plugins literally overnight. The site was up and running within hours of the leftist crackdown.

The plan from the start was to replace the clunky Wordpress site with a site built from scratch. We were incredibly fortunate that emma volunteered to single-handedly make this a reality. About 6 months later, raddit.me relaunched as this fully featured link sharing site without any of reddit or imzy's bloat, and with a mission statement to give the people control over their own community.

While the rest of the web has rapidly been taken over by alt-right trolls and bigots, raddit will always have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to reactionary ideas and bigotry.

This site was made by the people for the people, and actualizing the community's ideas to construct the best possible meeting place is our entire motivation. We won't censor your BASH THE FASH memes or ban you for sharing 'subversive' literature like a certain other site keeps doing. But all reactionaries will be removed from your sight.


We'll keep updating this as more questions are asked.

Where is the site hosted?

On a VPS in Amsterdam.

Where are the admins based?

West Asia and Scandinavia.

How seriously does raddit.me take user's privacy?

You don't have to provide an email when you sign up. There are no ads, tracking or monetization. If you don't provide an email, the only identifying data we store is your IP address, and only for 7 days.

Since neither of the 2 admins is based in the US, UK, or another of the surveillance States, we couldn't care less about the oppressive laws citizens of these States have to follow. They can't force us to retain your data or issue us with court orders to reveal anything to them, as they have no jurisdiction over us. For this reason, we will never allow anyone from a surveillance State onto the admin team.

See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for full information regarding our promises to you, and what we expect from users. You'll be hard pressed to find a more pro-user ToS/PP.

Is there a warrant canary available?

Yes. It's posted in f/meta monthly for your peace of mind.

Where can I report bugs or offer ideas for new features?

Go to f/meta. You'll immediately see how quickly emma and other volunteers integrate user ideas into the site's code. This is truly a community-built site.

What happened to the old site and all our posts from there?

You can still read them all here:


Tor hidden service?



Can I contribute to the code?

We'd love your help! Go here:


Can I help translate the site into my language?

Yes! Read this guide:


How are moderators appointed?

Anyone can apply to be a mod in any sub by filing an application in f/meta. If you're a good and valued contributor to the sub you want to mod, you'll be appointed a moderator.

How do moderators operate?

Mods are required to uphold the site-wide Terms of Service which includes many anti-oppression safeguards.

Unlike on similar sites, there isn't a hierarchical structure within our mod teams. Each mod is equal and a democratic process (currently in development) decides all disputes between mods. Furthermore, mods are held accountable to the greater community - anyone can file a complaint in f/meta if a moderator is seen to be abusing their position. We value transparency.

Is raddit free and open source?

Completely! raddit belongs to the people.


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