[POLICY?] Do not allow fascists to create false conflict

Submitted by josefStallman in meta (edited )

One of the tools that fascists claim to be using to attempt to undermine raddle is creating divisive arguments to create animosity between different groups on the site. I just want to remind all our users that we are all on the same side: against capitalism, fascism, and inequality of all kinds.

  • If someone is clearly trying to start an argument, don't engage.
  • Concern trolling may also become an issue.
  • Don't lash out at people trying to have a reasonable debate, as long as they are not going against our common goals.

Arguably more importantly, do not assume that people trying to have discussions are automatically fascists in disguise. We need to be able to trust each other.

Our mod team is acting in good faith and are good people. We have worked hard to ensure that we have as much transparency as possible.

Our strength comes from working together. That's what we've known all along. That's why we formed unions and revolutions and communes. Don't let us become separated.


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Enkara wrote

I don't think we're all exactly on the same side, and that's OK, because there are points of unity as you say.

Another thing to keep in mind is that alt-right trolls are nothing new and scary, this is literally what a lot of us have already been dealing with on other platforms, it's simply annoying, but usually not much more than that.

(Also... am I the only one who involuntarily side-eyes the phrase "reasonable debate" even in contexts where it's not a dogwhistle? Wew... maybe alt-right trolls are more than just annoying sometimes.)


Ant wrote

So, these recommendations on their own are ok, probably

but when framed in terms of 'policy' and what is allowed it's unclear what exactly you want implemented (and here's where I need clarification)

since if you want policey policy then I suspect there are a group of people around who are not going to be comfortable with that (and to some degree, calls for unity are not things many of us will take seriously)

personally I much prefer that we just do what we can to keep this stuff in mind and we approach our problems in a fluid way that responds to the situation, rather than a predetermined response that is applied law-like to concerns

tldr: if it is what you are proposing, anarchists are not going to be happy with the introduction of laws to solve our problems


josefStallman wrote

You're right. I should have been more clear. I did not mean to suggest that formal rules should be created regarding these issues, just that these should be general guidelines for the site. I didn't know how to tag the post.


amongstclouds wrote

Agreed. Honestly, the trolls are usually easy to spot. They just don't try as hard as they should if they really wanted to be successful.