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Fool wrote (edited )

If you're doom scrolling on Raddle, you're just reading years worth of old posts. New posts takes 10mins if scrolling, but longer if engaging.

If you want to post fiction, feel free to, but thinking that it is some sort of anarchist future shows a misunderstanding of global supply chains, and the problems with static societies.

For the above to be completed under anarchism, would likely take multiple generations, leading to a stagnant society wherein power has begun to consolidate.

Furthermore it raises questions about what habitats were destroyed in either building the waterfall feature or in diverting the river to pass through it.

Edit: Just noticed this was in meta... But I'll leave it.


deeppurplehazedream wrote

Being from the future, solar punk sounds like a Utopia to me. Utopias are as "useful" as dystopias. One imagines what to avoid and what to strive for in a general way. So it isn't "practical" or "productive" directly. Thinking about the future can serve lots of purposes. Religious utopias, for example, which are mostly about the afterlife, affect people's behavior in this life in powerful ways that materialists don't (or can't) even consider. True, it's often an escape from reality, but even that is something. The future is, partly at least, a creative process, not an end state. If you don't think something is possible then it isn't.


mofongo wrote

Some sections don't have a handrail, so I suspect is very shallow. More like a fountain than a river-lake.