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ziq OP wrote (edited )

I'm also very close to straight up deleting f/illegalism because of the non stop bomb/cp/drugs/guns/counterfeit spam and its continuing deterioration as a useful forum. It's been a wasteland for years.


__0 wrote

I feel like the worst posters there almost exclusively post in illegalism. Idk if there's a way where only whitelisted can post to forums that are being hit hard with spam, (or nos violating stuff) or maybe not allow people to post unless they have commented on something first. I mean if there's no content here worth them engaging with then what's the point of posting. It's also way easier to see who is a shithead based on comments than posts tbh... I like the idea of an illegalism forum but also feel like I can't engage with it in the way I'd like to, as it would be very much a heat score for myself and for the forum itself ... There's a limit to how much illegalism can truly flourish on the clearweb tbh.


__0 wrote

It's kind of funny to see the same threads again of panicked near misses with loss prevention at like Walmart, Target, etc...

I almost think some of it might be anti shoplifting propaganda...

"Oh no what will I do they caught me" "Ok just wanted to post to this illegalism forum that I regret ever shoplifting "

Also no linking oniun for just posts or the wiki and comments too?


ziq OP wrote

I added dot onion to the spam filter so everywhere. No way to opt out of wikis being affected