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Archaplain wrote

that anews thread was such a shitshow huh, it was painful to read.


ziq OP wrote

Hope they delete it all, idk what I ever did to cretin to inspire that much venom.


Styx wrote

Not sure if you've seen it recently, but there were people who came to your defence. This is the most recent post in that thread, presumably referring to cretin:

The anon who said 325 didn't have accounts is lying. I had a 325 gold account. It's common knowledge in the online anarchist world that there were 3 tiers of 325 accounts - bronze, silver and gold. I think it's safe to talk about this considering the site is gone now. It was all crypto-currency based and the gold account gave you free access to things like live direct actions as they happened. I got to virtually accompany Conspiracy of Cells of Fire on several of their actions, it was pretty wild. Yeah, nothing you are doing in this thread is making you look good anon, we know Toby is in jail because you posted articles on 325 advocating illegal action and then you tried to do the same thing to Ziq. Toby should never have given you a gold account.


cicada wrote

i like when they cancelled George Carlin. since when do leftists comment on A News?


intellectual wrote (edited )

What was it that u didnt like them posting in here? that could get u locked up? I'm new here, so I dont know u, or much about this site. I wish this site got more traffic like reddit did. More conversation, talking, etc. reddit censors everything way too much, I hate reddit. This site could be really good if it had more traffic.