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Any time you link to a photo out of raddle it risks sharing your IP address... also Been noticing that lots of the memes I've seen here are >1mb when they are just screenshots of really low def stuff... Ive compressed some of them in my photo editor and they can get to like 10kb-8kb without losing significant quality... Lots of people here have eally low bandwidth internet connections, and the server bandwidth itself costs money...



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kin wrote

Guilty of charge, I can try compress them online bc I only use my cellphone to browse raddle.

My work PC have a company firewall blocking some sites like raddle


ziq wrote

if you use gimp and are saving as png, do image > mode > indexed > generate optimum palette and type in e.g. 128 or 256 maximum number of colors.

or just save as .jpg 92% quality

also no image needs to be bigger than 1800 pixels. a lot of them people post are 6000 pixel twitter screenshots


moonlune wrote

on linux terminal (png), this does the same thing as your gimp technique.

mogrify -colors 128 -type Palette img.png

On top of this, to strip metadata and reduce image size:

mogrify -strip -resize 50% -colors 128 -type Palette img.png

__0 OP wrote

Here's my weird trick to getting insanely small JPGs, one thing is reducing the size of the image, but also another thing is blurring parts of the image that aren't relevant, reducing the saturation of areas that aren't very interesting, increasing contrast around essential parts of the image, cropping our anything unnecessary, and saving at around 30% quality, sure it will look like garbage, but If all you want is something that you can sent over practically any network pretty much instantly...

The blurring really helps because of the way jpeg encoding works, complex parts of images end up taking more data, and also complex areas of images are the first areas to have noticable artifacts, large areas that are of the same color take up a loss less space under heavy compression...


moonlune wrote (edited )

on linux terminal:

mogrify -quality 70% -strip photo.jpg

MaoistLandlord wrote

How can it expose our IP address? Image upload sites don't show IP addresses to the public.


__0 OP wrote

Any website you visit can log your IP, any state actor can request the logs from the website... Lots of sites also associate up address with the metadata of the files served from them. It's super easy to keep logs of every visitor to a file on a server. Years ago this would have seen as paranoia but, many platforms leverage their huge amount of data and sell it.

I know for a fact that I am on both watch lists, and probably have a pretty detailed profile from a bunch of different major internet platforms...

Every network of interaction paints a slow pointilist picture of who you are, and niche interests and sites are points were that generalization can quickly become a fingerprint.


__0 OP wrote

Furthermore when something is a proper online fingerprint you are able to be tracked indefinitely... Think in 2012 you may have listened to a few obscure bands on Spotify or liked a video on YouTube that was going viral at a school you were attending... You went to a concert and bought tickets to a show, so an IP that was associated with an anarchist forum sent a DNS request to ... A state actor sent a warrant to Ticketmaster asking what the name of the credit card used to purchase tickets etc.

Basically if you want to do anything illegal or political you have to do it outside any pattern you've already presented....