List your Skills!

Submitted by rosalique in meta

Hi all! I'm super interested in improving Raddle and spreading awareness of the community! I wouldn't mind being involved or taking lead on planning and implementation, but first I think it would be helpful to get an idea of what skill sets we have between our volunteers. Feel free to list skills you would like to learn too, and maybe we can set you on the right track!

Here's my skill set to get started:

  • Graphic design
  • Brand development
  • Brand advocacy
  • Illustration
  • Creative Direction
  • Product design (software)
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning


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WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

A bit off topic maybe, but you being a graphic designer gave me an idea.

What does everyone think about designing layouts for stickers that people can download and print. Then we could put them up in our favourite leftist hangouts to promote raddle


ziq wrote (edited )

Please do this. We need to reach out to people and turn this place into a vessel for revolutionary action.


rosalique OP wrote

Yes! I think taking advantage of every method we can think of to spread the word is wise. In fact we can create a whole area of free, printable downloads: stickers, flyers for bulletin boards, bookmarks to stick in books at libraries and books stores, cards that can be left behind or stuck places to be found, etc.

If we could narrow down exactly who we're trying to attract here, demographic-wise (at least to start), we could be more effective. The clearer that vision, the easier it will be to speak to that group and convince them join. We could also target multiple demographics and shift our positioning for each group.

What does the community value most in new members?


Pop wrote

My main skills include:

  • maintaining an implicit though rarely-felt hope that things will get better
  • staying alive under capitalism

emma admin wrote (edited )



鬼神 Kill Em All 1989

I am trash man

410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS


rosalique OP wrote

If there's any way we can make contributing easier and more streamlined, please let us know.

You could try using Trello as a basic Kanban board. Make two boards: one for contributors/brainstorming and another for devs. Everyone can contribute features ideas to the first board, and then any member of an established dev team can pull features into the second board and organize them by interest/priority.

You could use the MoSCoW method to organize. On the dev board, make 4 lists: Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, Would Be Nice to Have (originally "Won't Have" but I'm a never-say-never kind of gal). I think you can get the gist of the priority of each list from the names but I can elaborate if needed. :)


DissidentRage wrote

  • OOP PHP (>10 years)
  • Other usual web tech, HTML, CSS, JS, some frameworks/libraries
  • Server config
  • Some graphics design with Adobe, Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus
  • Building computers
  • Drumming
  • Scrambling eggs (don't trust me in the kitchen otherwise)
  • I was studying Norwegian hardcore and working my way toward Swedish but fell out of practice because of a shitty schedule

elyersio wrote

  • I can play DooM very good, and I feel comfortable with a BB gun
  • Shell. `until youtube-dl "ytsearch: echo teto"; do sleep 1; done
  • Earning upvotes on Raddle. My inbox is so full <3
  • Asking awkward questions about being transgender

sudo wrote

TIL you can search for videos through youtube-dl.


elyersio wrote

To search multiple videos without downloading them:

youtube-dl --get-title "ytsearch10: Japanese ammo with Misa"

NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

  • I can fly single and twin-engine aircraft in simulators. Many hours in VATSIM. I believe I would be able to get a small aircraft off the ground and land safely in good weather conditions in the real world, so if you fellow Raddlers need a ride off the country to escape the fash coming to get you after you successfully executed your brilliant offensive strategy, just gimme a call and we'll steal a plane :D
  • I know Python. I just don't know what to do with it yet. I have a lot of interest on the intricacies of GNU/Linux. I'm always experimenting, installing less known distros and doing things manually.
  • I know Portuguese.

mftrhu wrote

After letting my skills languish at Computer Programming-11 and Games (Role-playing games; GURPS)-14 for a couple of years I finally saved enough for Ass-pulling (Wild Talent (Retention) 1) so nowadays I can boast:

  • Languages
    • Italian (native/native)
    • English (native/accented)
    • German (broken/broken)
  • Making absolutely awful jokes and jumping from topic to topic so much that people wonder whether I'm drunk-16
  • Speed-reading-15
  • Keeping notes on literally everything so I can pull relevant nuggets of info out of my hat at a moment's notice-14
    • transgender/LGBT+ topics
    • mental health
    • abortion
  • Arguing for hours without getting tired-14
  • Computer Programming-13
    • Python
    • Lua
    • shell scripting
  • Typesetting-12
    • HTML5 + CSS3/SCSS + VanillaJS (even if keeping the size of my assets down is the priority my stuff still looks pretty good)
    • groff (for which I'm making my own macros, albeit with a lot of swearing)
    • LaTeX
  • Writing-12
  • Making Lists-11
  • Drawing (pixel art)-10