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WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

A bit off topic maybe, but you being a graphic designer gave me an idea.

What does everyone think about designing layouts for stickers that people can download and print. Then we could put them up in our favourite leftist hangouts to promote raddle


ziq wrote (edited )

Please do this. We need to reach out to people and turn this place into a vessel for revolutionary action.


rosalique OP wrote

Yes! I think taking advantage of every method we can think of to spread the word is wise. In fact we can create a whole area of free, printable downloads: stickers, flyers for bulletin boards, bookmarks to stick in books at libraries and books stores, cards that can be left behind or stuck places to be found, etc.

If we could narrow down exactly who we're trying to attract here, demographic-wise (at least to start), we could be more effective. The clearer that vision, the easier it will be to speak to that group and convince them join. We could also target multiple demographics and shift our positioning for each group.

What does the community value most in new members?