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TheFacelessFace wrote (edited )

Define "appropriately", I've been amongst the most active in the sub. If you're too fragile to accept alternative interpretation, then don't post on a public platform.

"Appropriately" in this context means: "not lying" and "engaging sincerely".

You're not doing that ... you're trolling a forum about shit you don't understand.

"Participating appropriately" would mean studying the history of Zen and reading the historical records so that you're not a clueless troll lying about things for attention on the internet.

Here are some FREE resources to get you started:

Maybe you're not interested in reading or critical thinking or honesty, but that's not my problem.

How am I supporting any of these things?

Because you made a facetious troll post about a "cult of personality" simply because you got told that you don't understand something that you haven't studied.

You're trying to attack the messengers because you don't like the message.

You are pretending that "honesty" and "facts" about reality are akin to "ideology".

You're a liar dude, I don't know what else to tell you.

"Stop lying", maybe?

How is it a lie, it is in Case 7, you were the saying people won't engage with the texts? When I quote texts, you say I'm lying.

You're not "engaging with the texts".

You googled some shit about stuff that you don't read according to your own words:

I have never read a Zen text, beyond Wikipedia. Wikipedia tells me Zen is based on thoughts that "do not stand on words"... So go figure.


That's before we even get to the fact that you're using the quote you took out of context in order to make an "intellectual interpretation", so you're not even being superficially honest.

If I seriously need to explain to you why that is all a huge intellectual and honesty fail, then I think you're being even more dishonest.

You know don't study, so why not just study Zen (or else just stfu about it)?

I mean, I doubt that you really enjoy being ignorant and dishonest, so why not try "education" and "honesty" out for a bit?

Here's your claimed "engagement":

Facts and logic.

Lacts and fogic.


if you make intellectual interpretations, (you'll go on through) past, present, and future lives for sixty aeons.

  • the blue cliff record

This is just childish flailing from a pwned ego.

"Intellectual interpretations" about what?

(Hui Ch'ao) asked, "What is Buddha?"
Fa Yen answered, "You are Hui Ch'ao."
Hsueh Tou says, "In the river country the spring wind isn't blowing; deep within the flowers partridges call."

If you can make the grade here, you will be able to walk alone through the red skies; if you make intellectual interpretations, (you'll go on through) past, present, and future lives for sixty aeons.

Can you "make the grade" here?

Obviously not.

Hsueh Tou is extremely compassionate in the third and Seventh Case fourth lines; all at once he explains completely for people.

Ch'an Master Ch'ao's great awakening is likened to fish becoming dragons where the waves are high at the three-tiered Dragon Gate, while fools still go on dragging through evening pond water.

(The Dragon Gate is a gorge through which the Yellow River passes at the border of Shensi and Shansi; according to tradition,) King Yu cut it (through the mountains) forming a three-level (passage for the river).

Nowadays, on the third day of the third month, when the peach blossoms bloom, and heaven and earth are ready, if there is a fish that can get through the Dragon Gate, horns sprout on his head, he raises his bristling tail, catches hold of a cloud, and flies away.

Those who cannot leap through fail and fall back.; Fools who gnaw on the words are like scooping out the evening pond water looking for fish; how little they realize that the fish have already turned into dragons!

Oh look! You got called out over a thousand of years before you were even a sour sperm in your mother's belly.

Now that's what I call a "pwn"!

Sucks to suck! Enjoy sucking up that pond scum ... unless of course, you decide to demonstrate some integrity and either study Zen, or else stfu about it.


Fool wrote

Meh, you're boring, you enjoy your "superiority".


TheFacelessFace wrote

Meh, you're boring, you enjoy your "superiority".

See how you didn't engage with the text?

(It's because you aren't actually interested in Zen)

Zen has nothing to with superiority.

Enjoy your boredom.