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TheFacelessFace wrote (edited )

I'm pretty sure you don't understand the point of any koans.

I doubt you've studied many Zen texts.

I know for a fact that you're lying and trolling.

Actually... I'm not sure how to engage with Zen, because once you understand, there's nothing to talk about, except for nothing, am I supposed to talk about nothing?

Talk about how you're lying about studying Zen, and how you don't actually know what you're talking about.

That would be a good start to (finally) having an honest conversation.

The Master addressed the assembly, saying, "To know the existence of the person who transcends the Buddha, you must first be capable of a bit of conversation."


Fool wrote

You know do you?

I bet you even know the existence of the person who transcends the Buddha. 👻


TheFacelessFace wrote

I do, but my knowledge is useless to you.

In fact, it's antagonistic to your dishonesty.

Sucks to suck; sorry to pwn you 🙏