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ziq wrote (edited )

Awesome! What improvements do you think the UI could use?

Any experience with git / templating engines?


ainrialai wrote

I'm purely on the design and user experience side of things myself rather than anything technical. I'll take a look at the current issues and feature requests and see if I can make mockups and user flows for their implementation.

First thing I found slightly frustrating is that I wasn't able to jump from my inbox to viewing this in the context of the post, I had to go to my profile to then reach the post and see replies in context.

basically I'm really excited about raddle and I want to help


ziq wrote

If there's context to see, you can click 'parent' in your inbox. If there's not (like in this case), you click 'permalink'.


ainrialai wrote

Ah I see that now, I would suggest copy changes but if it's working for everyone else then I guess I'm just a newbie :P


josefStallman wrote

You can contribute to raddle's development here.

/u/emma is the lead (read:only) developer for raddle at the moment, if you know UI stuff but not PHP you can work with her.


Wrestitaway wrote

This isn't a swipe against OP, or Emma, but what prevents someone from putting in malicious code? I mean I know it's open source, but what if no one catches it?

I guess this is a more general question.