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ziq wrote (edited )

There were no votes tho.

Is everyone okay with this?


josefStallman wrote

I would be very unhappy if /u/sancocho was a moderator, for all the reasons you said here. I'm happy with /u/ShiningWing, but that leaves us with just one more ML moderator. What about /u/BlackFlagged or /u/Enkara?


Defasher wrote (edited )

ShiningWing and Enkara are both communists. You should nominate those 2 in a separate thread.

BlackFlagged's username implies they're a full anarchist, not an ancom. Or their name would be BlackRedFlagged.


josefStallman wrote (edited )

/u/SimonSorrow has elected to take a break from raddle for the time being, but /u/ShiningWing is still here. I don't know who the third mod is.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


tnstaec wrote

I prefer "themself" because it clarifies that it's singular.

("You" used to be the second person plural pronoun exclusively before, so someone in the late 1600's might have asked the same question about "yourself" )