[DESIGN] The name raddle?

Submitted by styrofoam in meta

I really wish this place wasn't called raddle. It's super phonetically close to "rattle" and makes it seem like the site is targeted toward expectant parents or has something to do with babies. That feels like really bad brand positioning considering leftist ideas are so frequently equated with immaturity.

How does everyone else feel about the name? Is there a really good reason why this name was chosen, that I don't know about?


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Enkara wrote

I woulda preferred something like rabble but the name has grown on me and it doesn't seem weird anymore.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I wasn't super happy with it either, but it's unique and "rattle" doesn't just refer to a baby toy, though I can see how just having that popular meaning could be bad positioning.

It has grown on me more lately, because I see more it more as being "rattled" by society aiding in fascism and relentlessly glorifying/propogating rampant capitalism, so I might even say that I'm asking to be rattled by the news and discussion of it; in other words, when I come to the site, I'm literally asking to be rattled by saying "rattle me!"

Or, there is a definition of "raddle" even:

from English Heritage Dictionary:

raddle (rădˈl)

v. To twist together; interweave. n. Variant of ruddle.

Since it's "raddle me", we would be looking at the verb. Soo...interweave me? Lets twist together to create a safe space from capitalism/fascism in the world?


jadedctrl wrote

From Wiktionary, raddle also means:

(v) to mark with raddle; to daub something red.

and it's etymology:

From a variation of reddle, ruddle. Related to red.

It's a pretty good name!


Defasher wrote

if only their were a word that meant 'to daub something black'.


jadedctrl wrote

Hey, language is totally under our control. Just start using it!
How about raston? (raddle + black->ink->encastón)
(Wiktionary's etymology section is rad, jajaja.)