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SnowCode wrote

Reply to comment by Zerush in Made a cloudflare account today by ziq

Stealing in a store and stealing in a house is nothing alike. If you go to large super markets and steal food, I don't think this is morally bad. I think buying that food and supporting a shitty corporation is less ethical than stealing stuff in it.


metocin wrote

I would say it's not that different, it just depends on the store and house. Stealing from companies that exploit workers and make profits is okay, while stealing from an owner-operated 1 person business would be pretty wack unless theyre marking up insulin or something else similarly disgusting. Stealing from someone who is not rich (I understand thats a vague qualifier) is definitely wack, while stealing from rich people is a-okay in my opinion.


flingwingin wrote

if everyone stole from people with more money, we'd already have bridged almost all economic inequality and the ability of the government to govern would be collapsed :^)


Zerush wrote

If a poor person by necessity steals food in a supermarket it is certainly a sign that something is wrong in a society. But this does not turnit into a political activism, with this it does not harm the food lobbie, only the owner of a franchise that has rented it from a multinational. Political activism has to be aimed at the apex of the pyramid, not at errands who just want to make a living. That someone steals preserves in a supermarket or that someone steals a sack of rice in China, is irrelevant for those who caused this underlying problem, while taking their Daikiri on their yachts.