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Probably going to continue until whoever is doing it stops. I don't really want to spend the money to add more load - the patreon donations the site gets don't cover it (costs would go from 50 euros a month to 80-200) and I'm trying to save money right now for my partner's medical costs. Plus they could just scale up the attacks as soon as I upgrade.

w/donate btw



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ziq OP wrote

Hopefully it's been fixed. I received an automated message that there was a targeted DDOS and the VPS was disabled because of it, but the site has been moved to a different server now and seems ok. Fingers crossed.


Zerush wrote


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Zerush wrote

Your partner's health is more important, it doesn't matter so much if Raddle is down on time. Let's see if I can find a host that is cheaper, if necessary 👍


__0 wrote

I missed Raddle!

Didn't know it was getting hit by a DDoS... That sucks :(


carrot wrote

I understand! I really hope your partner gets better


subrosa wrote

Slightly paranoid about my FMovies use causing any of this. I'm pretty much a boomer when it comes to computer technology. Anyway, thanks for the update, I hope it all goes well.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Not criticizing just curious why u think this. I could see using fmovies to cause your computer to be a bot in a ddos attack but I don't understand why this would cause the ddos attack against raddle.


subrosa wrote

I'm just paranoid. Not much to it. Your inquiry brings me down to earth, I can only thank you for that.


southerntofu wrote

Sorry that's happening to you. Dealing with DDOS is never fun. Personally, i would recommend to drop CloudFlare and other centralized scammers and go with a pro host. If you don't mind sharing the specifics of the server hardware, i believe some place like OVH would be well-suited to host for ~50€/mo: they have good infra and don't take action against a client unless there's a court order to do so... I believe they previously hosted for a while (despite DGSI pressuring them not to) and can sustain heavy DDOS without going into any form of "cloud" offering (network-level mitigations).

That is, of course, assuming that the DDOS taking place is network based and not a simple DOS of an expensive server feature. If you have more details, or if you need help configuring proper caching or anything, let me know.


JoeK wrote

Looks like you finally got what was coming.


Vulgar_Soda wrote


raddle being down affects more than a single person. So much for being the lone voice against "the echo chamber" lol. You're nothing more than a troll. and a pathetic one, at that. Super classy, Joek, choosing to insult a person right after they divulge personal struggles. How about you choose to get a hobby that isn't embarrassing yourself on the internet.