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I wrote about this already some month ago, but felt misunderstood.

So this time I try to base my argumentation on an ongoing conflict.

One likes to have raddle culture to be like more open to humans that make more mistakes then others when it comes to discriminatory language. Another person likes to have a raddle culture that is more strict on holding people accountable to language patterns they apply.

I value both approaches. I want a space that aims to create culture where we aim to hold each other very much accountable about narratives we use. The aim is to reflect and practice non-discriminatory language.

While humans aren't perfect, participating in such a space can be to difficult for some, and it can even feel offensive and discriminatory. So it is also important to have a space where it is accepted that civilization attached a culture to us, that makes us behave in predefined ways, that will not be welcomed in the other space.

Raddle is a centralized system, so there will always be some struggle for hegemony and so having a tendency to create conflict resolutions that are based on compromise, rather then fulfilling both desires to their full potential.

Autonomous spaces where people can develop and life their own culture can avoid such. To some extend can this be accomplished using a centralized system that offers spaces with different cultural expectations. Like the forums in raddle. But while all? posts are visible at the front page struggle for hegemony prevails. And even if not all are at front, the questions which once should be at front creates another struggle for hegemony.

Interoperability between different autonomous spaces is a solution which doesn't require compromise and can at the same serve both cultural approaches. The interoperability helps that the fragmentation does not result in isolation. This interoperability can be accomplished by a mere cultural solution where an individual joins multiple platforms and cross posts discourse back and forth. Another approach is to support this effort with technical changes that offers direct interoperability. Does interoperability mean that every content is visible to every other platform that participates in an interconnected web of raddle alike platforms? No, some forums will, others won't. Additional to that, a user can decide for every single post, if it should remain visible only to the local space or reach wider audience.



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Zerush wrote

I like Raddle and his style, because of the mutual respect that is denoted here (in comparision with other social networks)

Certainly there are always different opinions, but as they say, speaking, people are understood, not from disqualification or from extremism with fixed ideas.

By its nature, there are users from all over the world here, with very different cultures, beliefs and customs, which can sometimes come into discord with others, this is always inevitable, but I think that it is not an insurmountable thing with a minimum of tolerance .

Truths are always relative.


bloodrose wrote

It sounds like your solutions to the problems you have identified is a code/system change. Are you volunteering to do this change?


syster OP wrote

Assuming that such a code change has at best the acceptance/approval by postmil dev and raddle users/admins, and that any code change that will have cultural implications should at best take concerns and wishes of developers, admins and users into account, I am already volunteering to bring this change.

While I believe you asked to know if I'm gonna sit down and write the actually code, once it's clear what to actually write: no, probably not. I don't have the required skills and not the resources to learn that atm. Maybe I could manage to create a shitty prototype, but I'd rather see myself finding someone with proper skills and interest to do such. I could also help with fundraising (writing requests to organization who sponsor foss) to pay for the living expenses for such a person if needed.

Last time I brought up this topic I used the word "federation", which carries different meaning depending on what it addresses and by whom it is used. This lead to false assumptions about the idea I was proposing. This time I used different words to describe the same. And yes I think I agree, that autonomy and interoperability describes better of what I mean.


lettuceLeafer wrote

While humans aren't perfect, participating in such a space can be to difficult for some

Wait what's difficult about it? Someone says dumb then a users asks them politely to not use that word. I'm not sure what exactly is the barrier here.


syster OP wrote (edited )

The reason that can be difficult varies from case to case. And the issue starts already, when one doesn't know reasons why that can be.

Some are/can be:

  • low self-esteem where you feel like whatever you say is wrong
  • an emotional state where it can be felt unappropriated to speak about something that might be experienced as a minor issue as it could feel as it distracts from the main point and maybe even devalues that. For example: "Fuck Nazis, they doxxed me and they are knocking at my door." I would find it absolutely unappropriated to tell that person in that moment to better refrain from using the word fuck in that way because it's also a reference to r... culture.
  • you need the mental capacity and time to think through it, or to shut yourself down
  • the concept of what is accepted behavior and which is not, is not easy to understand for everyone and the opinions on what is and what isn't also varies.
  • ...