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ziq wrote

who are you? And what does it have to do with me or raddle?


hotdonna wrote

As if I would tell you...figure it out, or ask one of your toadies who has been harassing me for months. Again, you brought this upon yourself.


ziq wrote

idk wtf you want from me, someone is harassing you and for some reason you've decided to doxx me because of it?


kelsokelso wrote

Someone based out of raddle that has consistently acted alongside you. Maybe be careful of the shitty company you keep? because you are going to pay for it.

I was content to leave you fucks alone, but you or someone that is close to you has crossed the line, and I'm done.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

So far as I'm aware (and I spend a large amount of time on raddle), we aren't even a big enough community that we are doing things like this anywhere.

Personally I think it's more likely that some of our trolls are trolling you in our name. Either way, ziq doesn't seem the sort of person who wouldn't just be honest about fucking with you if that's what they were doing.


ziq wrote

whoever it is isn't on raddle. come into our matrix, all the comments r public, no one even mentioned it