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"Where should these posts go" at least seems like a good question for meta, so here I am.

I want to ask two things.

  1. I have a short manifesto describing some ideas I've had about governance, how to do less of it, and a possible path to getting the United States specifically to do less of it. Which is the best place to beg 14 pages of readers' time and hopefully discuss ways to make the movement a reality?

  2. There is a particular kind of communication platform I want to either find or make. Sort of like craigslist, except not bad-on-purpose like craigslist famously always was, and which became even moreso after SESTA/FOSTA. Something that allows location-based (but not location-locked, like doublelist) communication on an anonymous/pseudonymous basis. I'm guessing something like this exists somewhere, but I'm really new to tor* and have a hell of a time finding anything. If it doesn't exist, I'd like to build it, but I have no earthly idea what I'm doing. So, would this be an askraddle kind of topic, or would it go in tech, or somewhere else?

*I've just realized this is also a clearnet site. I think it says something about how hard it is to find a decent place to talk these days that I didn't know raddle existed before it showed up in a hidden service search. It's just social media hellsites as far as the eye can see. I miss the old internet.



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mofongo wrote

  1. Blogspot, Tumblr, medium,
  2. Not that I'm aware of. People that want to be anonymous/semi-nonymous are reluctant to share their general location unless there's a good reason/ trust.

RatifyGuy1776 OP wrote (edited )

  1. I have enough experience with mainstream platforms to know that the first rule of blogging is that literally nobody cares about your blog, including your close friends. Those websites are for memes, fandom, callouts, and whoever the algorithm has decided is the main character today. You can't build an audience (which is not actually what I even want) on platforms like that unless you have connections or an ad budget. If I had either of those, I'd write on substack and I'd probably be too privileged to ever feel a need to start up the tor browser to find meaningful discussion.

I mean, this is probably just your polite way of saying you don't want to hear it. And I get it. Some Guy shows up and wants you to read his garbage because he thinks he knows how to save the world. Big snore. Obviously you think I should start a blog because the proper way to ask people to read your ideas is to labor in total obscurity for years, weathering everyone's apathy and contempt. The thing is I did that already, I just didn't do it on a blog. The document is 14 pages instead of a biweekly stream of consciousness because it's the condensation of that toil, which I completely recognize could be worth nothing, but I had at least thought that if I go to the meta-board of this cool leftist website I found in the part of the internet you're not supposed to go to, somebody might at least suggest what board it's appropriate for me to talk in. Thanks for your support, comrade.

  1. On this point, I think I just didn't get across what I mean very well. I do not want to find/make a platform that geolocates you. If I was fine with that, I wouldn't really find either craigslist or doublelist unfit for purpose. craigslist didn't always, and to be honest, I'm not 100% sure that either of them do now, as opposed to just making it difficult-to-impossible to search and respond to ads outside the region you designate in your account. The thing is, that's specifically what I don't want it to do. When I say "location-based," I mean that regardless of where you are, if you have some reason to want to read and post to the board for a completely different region, you can. I'd like a way to find like-minded people to travel to/with, in other words. Existing websites that I know of really don't like you doing that these days, even if it's not actually against their rules.

mofongo wrote

I didn't mean for you take my recommendation in bad faith, so I'll take the time to explain why I recommended the sites I did.

The first is that if you want your writing to be read and known, you need to go to the clear net, that's where you'll get the most views.

Second is that if you don't know which political group would be interested in your ideas, you will have to publish it in a big tent site and hope it's good enough to spread by word of mouth. But the best course is posting it somewhere that aligns with the political views that you're trying to promote. They'll be the people more likely to read it and promote it within their in-groups.

On your second point, I think any site that's not trying to sell you to advertisers doesn't mind where you are. This is a good place for that, but I don't know if you'll feel comfortable among anarchists and viceversa.

You could try mastodon, which is a Twitter like service. There are other instances that focus on different interests too. There's also, of you'd like to be among communists.


moonlune wrote

  1. would have been the yikyak app maybe?

RatifyGuy1776 OP wrote (edited )

My apologies. I read dismissiveness into your suggestions because of the context that I was on meta, asking about how to use raddle. But I suppose I didn't really make that context explicit enough in my actual post, so I'm sorry for going off at you.

I don't really want "my writing" to be "read and known." This is extremely not about me. If people like the ideas, I want them to take them and do their own thing with them. Though I'd like to participate, even if just to explain myself better in early days, it's probably better in the long term if I don't. As a private citizen, I am a total mess. Walking kompromat. Being a public figure might literally kill me. I believe these ideas can be helpful, but I'm well aware that if a movement ever actually materializes around them, it will evaporate the moment it's associated with me as a person. I'm trying to give something to the world in a truly altruistic sense, because I am not meant to be successful in this society. Given the kind of press real leftists get in America, lots of people here probably have similar feelings, but I promise I'd be worse, and if I can get some traction here at least there's more of us plotting and sneaking and weaving influence, all things I'm terrible at.

Ultimately, the concrete plan I have is an extremely big-tent sort of thing, certainly. I do have a twitter account and a youtube account, and I've made my content available there, should they ever serve a purpose. But I'm a lefty on the inside, and I think some of what I've put together will resonate with people here. I'd hoped to be able to kick around ideas about how to get this to be a thing, and whether there are particular eyes the document needs to land on. And a part of me is also just yearning for community. I know this is sort of a backward way of pursuing that, but I suck really bad at fitting in anywhere.

As for the location-based forum idea, yeah, there are plenty of places that don't mind where you are. But as far as I know, they don't have the specific function/format I'm looking for: in which the user does care where posters are. (or at least claim to be) Sites like craigslist and doublelist make it hard to search outside where you are because, being respectively focused on selling junk and hooking up, there's massive perceived liability when somebody claims you're enabling scamming or trafficking. In fact, the latter is exactly why craigslist doesn't have personals anymore, and it's why backpage no longer exists. My thinking was that making a site that does this in a distributed fashion on the darknet would allow people to make those sorts of long-distance connections without being subject to that sort of censorship. I don't know how to do that, though, which is why I was wondering if I should bring it to askRaddle or tech.


RatifyGuy1776 OP wrote (edited )

yik yak was good at the beginning as just a local, anonymous message board, but for pretty similar reasons to what happened with cl, dl, and bp, it didn't make it easy to actually talk to a person you saw on there outside of the public threads. As such, the most interesting thing you could really do with it was shitpost. Later, it stopped being anonymous, and later still, it went away entirely. I've heard it is or was back at some point, but it's definitely not on Android as of when I looked a few days ago, and I wouldn't expect it to be anymore useful than it was back then anyway.