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RatifyGuy1776 OP wrote (edited )

My apologies. I read dismissiveness into your suggestions because of the context that I was on meta, asking about how to use raddle. But I suppose I didn't really make that context explicit enough in my actual post, so I'm sorry for going off at you.

I don't really want "my writing" to be "read and known." This is extremely not about me. If people like the ideas, I want them to take them and do their own thing with them. Though I'd like to participate, even if just to explain myself better in early days, it's probably better in the long term if I don't. As a private citizen, I am a total mess. Walking kompromat. Being a public figure might literally kill me. I believe these ideas can be helpful, but I'm well aware that if a movement ever actually materializes around them, it will evaporate the moment it's associated with me as a person. I'm trying to give something to the world in a truly altruistic sense, because I am not meant to be successful in this society. Given the kind of press real leftists get in America, lots of people here probably have similar feelings, but I promise I'd be worse, and if I can get some traction here at least there's more of us plotting and sneaking and weaving influence, all things I'm terrible at.

Ultimately, the concrete plan I have is an extremely big-tent sort of thing, certainly. I do have a twitter account and a youtube account, and I've made my content available there, should they ever serve a purpose. But I'm a lefty on the inside, and I think some of what I've put together will resonate with people here. I'd hoped to be able to kick around ideas about how to get this to be a thing, and whether there are particular eyes the document needs to land on. And a part of me is also just yearning for community. I know this is sort of a backward way of pursuing that, but I suck really bad at fitting in anywhere.

As for the location-based forum idea, yeah, there are plenty of places that don't mind where you are. But as far as I know, they don't have the specific function/format I'm looking for: in which the user does care where posters are. (or at least claim to be) Sites like craigslist and doublelist make it hard to search outside where you are because, being respectively focused on selling junk and hooking up, there's massive perceived liability when somebody claims you're enabling scamming or trafficking. In fact, the latter is exactly why craigslist doesn't have personals anymore, and it's why backpage no longer exists. My thinking was that making a site that does this in a distributed fashion on the darknet would allow people to make those sorts of long-distance connections without being subject to that sort of censorship. I don't know how to do that, though, which is why I was wondering if I should bring it to askRaddle or tech.