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mofongo wrote

Because that usually how they are calculated in other sites.


kokoaitu wrote

I think being able see who voted would be nice. I was originally thinking just to see who engaged with it, but it would also make sock puppets more obvious.

In saying that, I mostly ignore the buttons.


bloodrose wrote (edited )

I don't think adding names to up/down votes would remove the sock-puppeting. It might actually just increase the amount of sock puppets used. I think there is something to be said for downvoting abusive behavior anonymously. Example: on reddit there is a subreddit for reddit behaving badly but the core rule is to post only if the post has a certain number of upvotes as the downvotes are seen as regulating bad behavior. So, say, someone on raddle was engaging in abusive behavior. You would want to downvote it to show the community does not support the behavior (possibly while waiting for admin action and/or while posting on TOS Breaches). However, if your name is attached to the downvote, you'd worry about being a target. So now, instead of downvoting with your regular account, you'd make another account that you log into just to downvote.


emma wrote

There's no real reason. Not a lot of thought was put into how voting works, it's mostly just a gimmick for a site this small anyway.

I'm open to changes as long as they don't fundamentally change Postmill, and don't do stuff like deanonymise existing votes.


ziq wrote

remember when the old wordpress site showed exactly who upvoted and downvoted each comment and post? that was such a clusterfuck, no one would vote until i figured out how to disable it


syster OP wrote

ok. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have a clear proposal yet. Maybe just additionally presenting the number of down votes and up votes next to the "comments" hyperlink.


Zerush wrote

It is in some way understandable to assess the quality of a post, but I do not think that this of the votes would be the best way. What caught my attention, although there are many who vote, on the other hand comments are scarce, which in some way are the best way to crystallize the value of a contributed content. Perhaps it would be a good measure of being able to only vote or to award a number of points, if a corresponding comment has been made. If not, this becomes a simple clicker-game.

Ok, it's just an idea of ​​mine.