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moonlune wrote

you can propose any change but need to write it yourself in


syster OP wrote

well first I'd like to understand the reason. Maybe there's good reason and I just don't understand.


emma wrote

There's no real reason. Not a lot of thought was put into how voting works, it's mostly just a gimmick for a site this small anyway.

I'm open to changes as long as they don't fundamentally change Postmill, and don't do stuff like deanonymise existing votes.


ziq wrote

remember when the old wordpress site showed exactly who upvoted and downvoted each comment and post? that was such a clusterfuck, no one would vote until i figured out how to disable it


syster OP wrote

ok. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have a clear proposal yet. Maybe just additionally presenting the number of down votes and up votes next to the "comments" hyperlink.


Ashy wrote

I think Emma just said she won't do feature requests anymore