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anticlouds OP wrote

/u/ziq if you banned them last time, why are they allowed to repeat the same exact abuse again?


lettuceLeafer wrote

Wouldn't just advising people to block and ignore be a less distressing solution than having to do all the emotional labor creating more raddle drama around banning inthedustofthe planet? It seems like a objectively less emotionally rough solution.


anticlouds OP wrote (edited )

No because clouds does psychological damage by building up a cult of personality then using it to split the site into two warring teams of cloudsgang and "transphobes" (who did nothing more than disagree with clouds about something completely unrelated to trans). And then when it's all over, half the site is in ruins with 20+ deleted or banned accounts and then anyone left standing is burned out and too tense to ever feel comfortable sharing anything publicly again. Are you new or something?


anticlouds OP wrote

How did you convince the admins to ignore your ban evasion? We should have been given the logs of whatever private convos led to you being allowed to return. It affects the whole community.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Ive been around for a while but I joined a bit after clouds was banned. Trolls trying to fuck shit up is common in raddle and just ignoring them usually is the best solution or counter trolling for fun.

I'm not too concerned about clouds creating a cult of personality. I was one of the only people who tried to be nice to them and they already trashed the relationship so bad that she doesn't want me to speak to her. I don't really have much concern of people joining the side of someone who is just shitty to everyone.

Everytime something like this happens it's a massive trash fire and horrible experience for everyone involved. Almost always worse than ehat would happen if the person being shitty was just ignored.


mofongo admin wrote

Hi y'all, I'm here!

So your only evidence for this is a conversation that continued after she conceded and deleted the thread? No wrongdoings there.

On a related topic, it appears you created an account referring to another user (which gives you harassment points), created this banned thread and then proceeded to reply to weeks old comments from inthedust. That doesn't fly.


zoom_zip wrote

thank you random throwaway account

i will change my opinion about /u/inthedustofthisplanet based on your link to a post where they recognise a mistake and correct it

what kind of MONSTER holds themselves accountable for their actions and then apologises about it after

kick ‘em out!


zoom_zip wrote

Also using armies of alts to down vote and push people off the site as usual:

hey uh

do you see the irony in saying this on your alt account while trying to push someone off the site?


lettuceLeafer wrote

Hey in my case I was trying to have an open mind since I've never interacted with them B4. It didn't take me too long to realize they are someone not worth being too friendly with. People can change but it seems clouds hasn't changed too much which is sad.

I'm glad u r voicing your opinion bc your concerns are pretty dang valid.


mofongo wrote (edited )


New accounts cannot vote or comment on meta/ban threads. If you want to say something, use your main account or state who you are/were.

Offenders will have their comments deleted.


ziq wrote (edited )

It wasn't discussed at all. It's obvious neither me nor tequila had anything to do with her being back. She just took it upon herself to announce she's back in that post casting herself as a victim and me as a villain so I wouldn't get away with banning her again without pissing off the few remaining people still here since her last adventure, so they all ragequit too.

Now all these throwaways are listing the shit she does (alts, falseflags, mass downvoting, weaponizing transphobia, spamming the whole comment section with copy/pasted smears, manipulating people to garner sympathy, creating divisions and a cult of personality for herself) but combining it with homophobia and suicide goading so everyone immediately dismisses them and anyone who is affected by her bullshit in the future will be disregarded or even gaslit for speaking up. I'm so done with this.