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If the platforms share the same architecture, it's trivial to mine posts from other instances whether they're set to share the contnet with other instances or not. All it takes is one asshat who wants to accumulate all the content in one place and slap ads/tracking/paywalls on it. Assuming everyone who runs the software will be altruistic is shortsighted. It's much harder to mine content cross-platform.


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Sorry but I have really trouble to understand you. (just so there is no miss understanding on that aspect: I'm fully with you on this left-unity scam. I've always been, even more after reading your zine)

You can share content that is not visable to anyone except those that you give permission to (I'm not speaking about mastodon here). That includes all the spiders and indexing tools that continiously scan webpages, that includes anyone who doesn't have an account with granted permission. You can define content to be visable to people without account, but you don't have to.

You remember these pages where people just needed to click a few buttons and bam, they had a webpage that was harvesting content from others though rss feed, presenting it on their own page but injecting adds and tracking? I don't know if that's still a common thing, but it's really super easy if one uses rss.

Should we disable rss because of that? I would say no.