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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

I kinda want to see how long they'll last, and controversial topics create discussion.

althought yeah, we could ask them to stop spamming

ask to become /f/advice moderator and ban them from there, or hide /f/advice from your frontpage.


temtemy wrote

They should post in a separate forum, at least, so that f/advice doesn't get drowned by a bot.


ziq admin wrote

Banned omar for blogspam.


masque wrote (edited )

I love how some sort of miscommunication has apparently led to you offering to replace one spam-and/or-bot user with a new, identical bot.


Raxalor wrote

If they hadn't ended their posts with

To learn more visit --> [website address]

without any explanation about what the site is and their entire post hadn't read like every spam email I've ever received, I would probably agree with you.