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PoisonDartFrog wrote

I can see conflicts arising.

Combine this odd corporation-defending with authoritiarian politics and I get a little nervous.

As leftists, we need to be able to embrace science while critiquing corporate science. I don't know you from Adam so it'll be good to hear from others how you handled your other forums, specifically f/AskRaddle, which by its nature is home to strong disagreements. Have you deleted any threads from there?


DissidentRage wrote

Asking for burden of proof to be satisfied is not defense of corporations. Fash and a lot of liberals are fond of using misinformation to forward their goals. We should take it as a point of pride that leftist thought is so grounded in a scientific understanding of the world and its social systems. I don't believe sudo was asking for concrete information in bad faith, but I can understand why responding "[citation needed]" would rub one the wrong way, because it's definitely a cynical way of going about that.


sudo wrote

F7inseat linked to the Monsanto emails. I'm reading over them now - once I do, I'll make a judgement on whether or not Monsanto deliberately covered up any evidence for Roundup being carcinogenic. But besides all of that, I don't see how calling for a source is "corporation defending."

As for how I've acted as a moderator on other forums, you have this statement from /u/josefStallman. And here is the public moderation log for /f/AskRaddle - you can see that the only action I've taken since the mod logs were implemented was banning an islamophobe from the forum for making this post.. I don't specifically remember if I removed any threads before the mod logs were implemented. There was a post on /f/meta or /f/lobby asking not to completely delete posts made by reactionaries, because that would delete the good comments on them as well. I haven't removed any threads since that post.


BlackFlagged wrote

What would you do if someone posted a link in f/science that was negative towards Pesticides/GMOs/etc?


sudo wrote (edited )

Same thing I would do with anything else - leave it up if it has solid evidence backing it up. If I don't have time to review the source material, I would leave it up, unless it comes from an untrustworthy source. If it's known pseudoscience that has been thoroughly debunked, like flat earth or cold fusion nonsense, I would take it down, as I hope any good moderator of a science forum would.