Submitted by huh in meta (edited )

I got redirected to a page with the following message after trying to leave a comment on a post.


Your IP address,, has been banned.

Ban set on Dec 13, 2020.

This ban will not expire.

Does anyone know why raddle sees my ip as localhost? (also why is localhost banned?) I was using raddle's onion address but I've done it before without problem.



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emma wrote

I've unbanned The ban was accidental.

The nature of .onion sites means every request appears to originate from the Tor client, making every request have that IP address.


huh OP wrote

Good to know! Thanks for the explanation.


huh OP wrote

I also tried posting on the clearnet address, still using the tor browser and got the same page, but with a non-localhost ipv6 (I think?) address with this format xxxx:xxxx::1 (replacing actual address with x) so maybe the tor node I was using was IP-banned.

(Side note is this some kind of ipv6 mask format?)