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celebratedrecluse wrote

This is now entirely a tangent and surely controversial but after reflecting and taking some time away from the screen recently, I am beginning to think the impulse to ban people rather than deconstruct their arguments, leads to the festering of ideological rot more often than not.


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celebratedrecluse wrote

deconstructing people's arguments only works when they are open to changing their mind.

Well, I don't think the goal is to change the perspective of someone who says something. That rarely works online. The goal, which every astroturf agency knows, is to influence the perceptions and attitudes of those absorbing the content; which is order of magnitude more than some random individual poster.

I personally would love it if raddle allowed people a vehemently disagree to have a genuine discussion with me on why I don't like them.

perhaps we can make a forum specifically for this?


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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

No, not really. I'm talking about how having discussions on a forum with people you disagree with, can help to advance your point of view among the spectators.