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tabby wrote (edited )

I thought the view in the original thread that Pornhub's move was bad because it makes things harder for sex workers was weak. The benefits of removing revenge porn, child porn, porn filmed and posted without the consent of all parties, and pirated porn overwhelmingly outweigh any hardships it creates for sex workers. Granted it's not a perfect solution. It maybe isn't even a good solution. It's not going to stop CP and revenge porn, and it probably will shift the problem elsewhere. I'll also grant that the people behind the anti-Pornhub have ulterior motives. Even so, making it harder to distribute child porn and revenge porn is unconditionally a good thing. This was poorly thought out. Please don't read it. I promise it's not worth reading. I'm only not deleting it because I imagine people don't like vanishing comments.

Edit: realized after /u/emma's comment that this was a tangent. My bad. I wrote this when it was late and I should've been asleep. *facepalm*


emma wrote

The fear is that going after Pornhub will be the beginning of going after other sites that have absolutely none of the problems you just listed. Few sex workers actually give a shit about Pornhub itself, it's the implications of the decision that worry them.

(If you want to discuss this further, maybe open a new thread, since this is really off-topic.)