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CaptainACAB wrote

Incels be like:

Feminism is nowadays agreed by many to have degraded to a movement fighting for female superiority[FES] and gaining political power, using means such as forcing ideas and laws, using violence and bullying (legal, psychological and physical), pursuing a revolution (which, as explained below, we are against). Examples of this include the metoo bullying campaign or supporting codes of conduct[COC] in free software development. This is in accordance with our observation (explained later on in the text) that the name of the movement indicates its goal – the movement is named feminism (implying female), not gender equality.

Homophobes be like:

LGBT: LGBT has gone the same road as feminism, to gaining power through force and fear, no longer caring about equality, but about the fight of homosexuals et al. against heterosexuals and everyone who simply disagrees with the LGBT gospel (e.g. gay marriage and adoption of children by gay parents). Their infamous pride marches have become a demonstration of power and give an impression of military parades meant to spread fear and war mentality. They also take part in aggressively pushing harmful codes of conduct[COC] in software development. The disinterest in actual equality is supported by the fact that LGBT doesn’t endorse sexual orientations that are nowadays unpopular and whose support would cost them political power. These include e.g. pedophiles, zoophiles and necrophiles, who are prosecuted as rapists and criminals (just as gay people were only a few decades ago, also resembling witch hunts that cost many innocent people their lives).

But not even Chomsky be like:

Antifa: Antifa is yet another movement opposing a rightist concept, but they are a militant (violent and oppressive) group, using very rightist means of fight, war, violence and oppression enjoyed by its members, making them actually a rightist group that simply competes with other rightist groups such as Neonazis. For this they are criticized and rejected by true leftists.[AFC]