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GlangSnorrisson wrote

I’m trying to voice my confusion basically.

A look at your YouTube channel tells me you’re basically a far-right Christian evangelical, but looking through the tos might have tipped you off that people here generally have very different politics. None of which are too friendly to your own stances.

Basically: do you think we’re similar to the aforementioned reddit alternative platforms?


WarmPotato OP wrote

I'm not any of those things. How did you get that impression?


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

The Christian evangelical thing was a guess based on your post here. My apologies if I got that one wrong.

The far-right thing isn’t really debatable. If you’re over at voat and saidit, and are making videos about trump allegedly waging a “pedo war”, and are promoting stuff from gab of all places, that’s all far-right shit.

Edit: I also would love to know how often you own the libs, and how you do it.


WarmPotato OP wrote

Oh yeah, that undertale song parody I posted on Saidit, and my inactive account on Voat. Yep I'm def far right XD