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ziq wrote (edited )

Something I'd like to see:

When someone uploads a huge image, have postmill resize and compress it and convert big pngs (over 400kb) to jpg with 90% compression.

Something else:

Allow people to upload a small profile avatar, like 50x50 pixels.

Something else:

Allow admins to set a background image for the front page.

Something else:

Allow admins to set "most commented - by month / week" as the default sorting for the front page, especially for logged out users. Would stop the "raddle is dead" claims.

Something else:

Don't load background images in mobile mode.


kano OP wrote

I will look into these, and see what I can do. I think your second to last suggestion would be good for the site as well, as I also like looking at the comments, even though I rarely do myself.