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emma wrote

I can't think of anything I would ask for outside help for right now. My focus currently is improving Postmill for site operators, building new theming functionality, and in general just making minor improvements.

That said, if you want to give a shot at adding stuff, feel free, but if it's something major, do inform me first.

I was also thinking it could be cool to add two factor authentication, tho I'm aware that a lot of people aren't providing their email, but its still like a dope feature.

We used to have this back in '17, but it didn't work well due to the Symfony security component being a clusterfuck, and the questionable approach taken by the bundle (i.e. Symfony plugin) used to implement it.


kano OP wrote

Ok I will keep that in mind, and if I do something big I will discuss with you first, I also checked out the issues page on the repo, and could help sort some of those out as well if you find them urgent.


keez wrote

Thank you for all your hard work emma. Postmill is really something wonderful!