[MOD APPLICATION] /f/anarcho_primitivism

Submitted by polpotisevil2 in meta

Some of you may or may not recognize my name but I was active on this site a couple years ago and was a moderator there. Will probably be active for a little bit before disappearing again, but I would like to update some sidebar links and contribute more if possible. Of course, I just made an account so a waiting period is understandable



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bloodrose wrote

Oppose. It's been <24 hours and user has had to apologize for hostility twice. We've had experiences in the past with people damaging the site while angry who had mod rights. I think so far the user has shown that they pose a risk to the site if given mod rights. Happy to see them as a contributor, worried about losing years of posts.


ziq wrote

You're a mod there, so it's your call. I haven't read their post history yet. Locking the post. If they have stuff they want to add to the sidebar they can pm you it.