Error uploading image

Submitted by Zixiken in meta (edited )

Sorry if this is a known bug. I got "413 request entity too large" uploading a 2.35mb image. What's the maximum file size?

Edit: I say bug, but this could be a feature...



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mofongo wrote (edited )

There is a hard limit on file size to avoid taking too much server space. I think it's around 2MB, not sure the exact amount. If you want to upload something larger, you can use

It also has an onion instance on http://4wxnumwn5zljjkyi.onion/


Zixiken OP wrote (edited )

Oooh, shiny. I'll certainly use this over imgur XD

Then my next question is, how difficult would it be to add that check into postmill so large uploads don't get the nginx error page?


emma wrote

I've upped the nginx limit to 20 MB. There's no limit in Postmill itself.


Zixiken OP wrote

Sounds good. Meanwhile, I'm going to scale my images down...didn't realize how large my phone's pictures are >.>