The Terms of Service Has Been Updated

Submitted by ziq admin in meta (edited )

Raddle is Not a Business and the Users Are Not Customers

Please note that raddle is a free service provided by volunteers who pay all the costs out of their own pockets. They choose to devote countless hours of their time to maintaining this website as a useful public resource. This does not mean you can bark orders at them or otherwise abuse them. Do not make unreasonable demands of the site admins or moderators and do not harass them. They have lives off of the site and they don't simply exist to serve you. If you can't be respectful of the volunteers, then use a for-profit site like reddit where the admins are paid to answer to your demands.



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celebratedrecluse wrote

Great, looks good imo. I would have retained the word Patriarchy from the edits a few months ago, but that's a minor semantic quibble.