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lori wrote

Good. I've been hoping you'd finally pull the trigger there - this shit isn't worth your time and emotional well-being.

They can host their own instance if it's such an issue, or use another service. Maybe Lemmy or Reddit would be more their styles.


ziq OP wrote

Another admin unbanned them so it didn't take. Can't believe how many hours I've wasted typing long thoughtful responses to their demands only for them to yell abuse at me in return. Fuck people. I'm so done having near constant anxiety due to the toxic shitlords on this site.


[deleted] wrote


celebratedrecluse wrote

You're complaining about dismissive remarks but what do you think this comment is? A giant dismissal, you even put scarequotes around the word "abuse" FFS

I encourage you to reflect on your myopic comment here during your absence.


ziq OP wrote

Are you radconstructivist?


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

I let go of people I wanted to keep around forever. To me, that’s become my biggest strength - If you know me, you’ll know my hearts big and my love’s unconditional. If I let you go, it was for reasons that don’t need explanation, other than it wasn’t me, it was you.

I don't know the source to attribute it.